Bloggin Hiatus – Not Cool

It’s been a minute since my last blog…actually more like 6 weeks, but who’s counting.  I’m not sure what the purpose of this blog is, really.  It’s not like all of you write blogs to broadcast what you’ve been up to.  And I’m no longer doing it for GMTP recruiting because that’s already over (congrats to all who accepted by the way).  But I guess it’s growing on me or something.  Maybe it’ll turn out to be a good diary-type read to show the youngsters some day.  Maybe I’ll forget my login and password and lose it all forever, too.  Anyways, here we go… 

I’ve been lucky enough to have been through a dizzying experience since my last blog of vacations, staycations, mancations, and brocations.  I the midst of all of that, I had the chance to learn a little bit about the sales side of our business by working at one of our wholly owned distributorships just north of LA.  Let’s just say that I’ll never look at a beer account the same again.  The folks at the Sylmar WOD showed us a great time and taught us a lot.  We even got some blue-collar labor in, tossing around cases, loading/unloading trucks and getting to work at 3:30 AM on multiple occasions.  These guys earn their money in an often-times thankless job.  

But back to the ‘cations’.  It’s tough to sum up, but here goes nothing… 

  • Vicente Fernandez concert – this guy lived up to the hype of being the “Mexican Elvis”.  I didn’t understand a word he said all night, but he rocked hard for four hours and there were a lot of happy Budweiser drinkers in the crowd (Unfortunately, “Chente” just slams shots of tequila all night on stage.  I guess we didn’t get that worked into the sponsorship agreement).

This is the real deal.

  • Denver, CO – snowmobiling mancation with the baller better know as my dad/Big D.  This guy is a magician when it comes to arranging weekend trips of cool experiences and father/son bonding action.  On top of snowmobiling, we saw Melo burry a fade away game winner against the Derrick Rose-less Bulls, then finished the weekend by flexing our scalping skills at Mile High stadium to see the Rams burry the shameful Broncos.  To my surprise and delight, A-B dominates the hometown of Coors – good work JD, JA, AP, and Steve!

Rams @ Broncos at Mile High Stadium

Pepsi Center in Denver, CO
  • Phoenix, AZ – this time, I met both parents for a quick getaway and continuation of our ride on the Rams bandwagon – we were good luck, after all.  And sure enough, the three of us sent the Rams back to STL with a second consecutive road victory!

University of Phoenix Stadium - Rams beat the Cardinals

  • Santa Barbara, CA – my beautiful girlfriend, Jessica, came to visit Socal for her second time in four months, but this time, we strolled up the 101 along the Pacific coast to see what all the hype was about in Santa Barbara.  Question answered.  That place is a must see for all you bros/brodettes (or ‘fellas’ as they say in Boardwalk Empire) if you ever get the chance.  We squeezed in some Christmas shopping, a play, some sight seeing, a run along the beach, and plenty of R&R. 

Santa Barbara, CA - pictures do it little justice

  • Las Vegas, NV – definite brocation, featuring Dharma, JD, and B Ross.  Band of Buds finals at The Mirage (well, really all over Vegas, but gotta have a place to lay your head, so we’ll call it The Mirage).  I don’t really know how to describe this one (maybe JD can in his next blog?), but I think this Rolling Stone cover sums it up pretty nicely.  **Side note – you bros out there need to sign up and win this thing next year. 


Cardinals pitcher, Kyle Mclelland and me at Band of Buds finals

You’ll see this in stores soon
  • STL, MO – after the aforementioned whirlwind (and some work scattered in between), I made it back home for a great week of holidays, family, and friends.  A few highlights from the week include:  alumni volleyball tournament at Lafayette, some killer gifts and gift giving, a trip to Mizzou to see the #10 (and rising) Tigers put a perennial tournament team in Old Dominion to shame, and capped off with a NYE celebration at none other than Bar Louie.  It was great to see everyone and I’m pumped to be back in STL for most of January (after one last week in LA) and some of February. 

Courtside at Mizzou Arena

  • Seattle, WA – just when I thought the mancations and Rams following was over for the year, it became our duty to travel with the Rams up to Seattle for the winner-take-all playoff-esque game (as you would imagine, Big D worked his travel magic again to make this happen).  Unfortunately, the planned win and playoff berth didn’t pan out this week.  I guess the good luck had to wear off at some point.  But nonetheless, we had another great weekend and I got to see another cool city/beer market (however…Seahawks fans are straight up trash and I can’t wait for sweet revenge next year.  Still a great bounce back season Rams!). 

Rams @ Seahawks, Qwest Field. Unbelievable seats and stadium, but not so great result.

  • LA, CA – I just got back home for one final week in sunny LA (I think…I guess there’s a chance I return at some point, but should find out soon).  This week will be spent at the Region 8 Sales office in Westlake Village who scored us the A-B suite at the Clippers/Nuggets game on Wednesday at Staples Center.  Of all the sporting events I’ve been to in the past few months, this will actually be the first one in the city I live in.  It’s been a good four months here in LA/Hollyhood.  I can’t believe how quick it’s gone by and how many hands I’ve shaken and factoids I’ve tried to absorb (‘tried’ being a key word there).  I’m now ready to go back to zone headquarter training in STL for the next month and find out where the last half of the GMTP will take me (I’m crossing my fingers for Hawaii).  Wherever it may be, I think I’m hooked on the blogs, so feel free to check back for more updates down the road, or even better, come visit me. 

As Bernie Miklasz closes his 5 minute blog posts with, thanks for reading. 

Peace and love,



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